HeartBuds is a lightweight non-medical device for consumers. HeartBuds records and digitizes subtle acoustic sounds that can played back and shared with others. HeartBuds is a smart phone device and operates with the HeartBuds app from ITunes.

About Us

HeartBuds is a listening device that connects to smartphones and was developed by a group of cardiologists  and engineers.

HeartBuds is a non-medical product that uses a small device much like the head of a traditional stethoscope. Instead of being attached to a Y-shaped tube that feeds into the ear, the device is plugged into a smartphone. When the app is activated, sounds from the HeartBuds can be played through the smartphone speaker and images appear on the screen showing rhythmic blips that correspond with each sound.

HeartBuds is marketed for commercial use and is used by:

Health and Wellness 

Expectant Mothers to listen to fetal Heartbeats

Pet Owners to listen to pet Heartbeats

Educational device for
Students and Teachers

HeartBuds images and sounds
can be shared with others
via facebook, email and other media.