Instructions for use

HeartBuds Electronic Stethoscope is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

HeartBuds lets you simultaneously listen to, display & record heart & lung sounds.

   Remove you HeartBurds from its package

   Download free App

   Launch App on your iPhone.

   Enter the code found on device package

   Tap the “Set code” button, in the “input code” field, enter your  code and tap “save code”.

   Connect the HeartBuds Device into your iphone.

   Plug your earBuds, headphones or auxiliary speakers into the back of your HeartBuds.

   Place gently your HeartBuds in on your bare skin, about 4 fingers down from your left collarbone and 2 inches left of your sternum.

You will get best results by sitting or lying down and holding your breath if possible. Don’t move the HeartBuds across the skin. Pick up unit and place gently in new location if better sound pick up is needed.  

   Tap the record button on the bottom left.


   Tap again the record button on the bottom left. You can adjust the scale of the graph and volume by sliding your finger left or right on the “scale” and “volume” icons at the top of your screen.

    When you are finished, tap the stop button on the bottom left, you can save the sound recording by pressing save in the lower corner of the screen.

You may also depress the camera icon in the bottom center of your phone screen to save pictures of your recording.

    After saving the recorder, provide a filename. You may now continue to record more files.



   To see your files, tap the “Back Button” on the top left, this will take you to the HearBuds’ home screen.

   Tap the view button on the bottom right. This will take you to the saved file page.  

   Select a file by touching the desired file, you can choose:

A) Tap the share button on the bottom left to share it. This will enable you to text or email the file.

B) Tap the delete button on the bottom right to delete it.

C) Tap the rightwards arrow to view it.