Do You want to be a HeartBuds Reseller?

Hello, and thank you for your interest in becoming and independent representative for Heartbuds LLC.

This short video is intended to showcase our product to a select group of highly motivated people with a desire to succeed with an unprecedented opportunity for earning potential.

First, what is a Heartbuds? Simply put, it is an electronic stethoscope available to anyone or any business to record the heart sounds of anyone with a mobile phone, tablet or PC and a set of earbuds or headphones.

After someone has made their recordings with their Heartbuds, they may be saved with the Heartbuds App to post online, stored in the App, or share with their family or even medical personnel.

As an independent rep for Heartbuds you will be your own boss, set your own work schedule and hours. In short, you will own your own business. As a business owner you will need reliable transportation, a PC, or IPad, and a cell phone, and of course a set of ear buds or headphones. These items will allow you to show your potential customers how the Heartbuds unit works. Its interactive potential and examples of how to use it personally for education, for children, business potential and helping people to explain to their medical professional what their what their heart was beating like during a mild medical event.

In short, you will be selling these units to anyone and every business. Any business can buy them for their employees or customers, promotions and of course resale.

In addition, if you decide to become an independent rep for Heartbuds you will also have another opportunity to bring on additional income opportunities by introducing this business opportunity to others, if you should find someone who has the same motivation to own their own business you can sign them up under you and be able to earn a percentage off of their sales. In turn, your rep will be able to do the same. However if your rep does bring on any additional reps you will not receive any percent of sales from their work. This is only a one tier commission on sales.

Now just how much work and time will you have to put in after the sale? That’s a common question everyone asks, the answer is very little. After you make your sale of the heartbuds units, you simply have the buyer fill out a purchase order for refills at the website and we do the rest. We will ship directly to their business and you’re done. You get paid your commissions automatically. However, if you land a large retail account of say a thousand units or more then you will have to contact your sales manager for current payment and shipping options. Simply put, we have a order, shipping, and payment system in place and ready to help you reach your goals with out having to handle or buy a large amount of inventory. If this sounds like something you could excel at then contact us today.

Call us now at 888-594-6856,  HeartBuds LLC, 463 Citrus Lane, Maitland, Florida 32751