About Us

HeartBuds is a listening device that connects to Apple smartphones with iOS operating system and was developed by a group of cardiologists and engineers concerned with bringing simple and economical solutions to listen and record the heartbeat.

HeartBuds is a non-medical product that uses a small device very similar to the head of a traditional stethoscope. Instead of being connected to a Y-shaped tube that is inserted into the ear, the device connects to Apple smartphones with an iOS operating system. When the application is activated, HeartBuds sounds can be played through the smartphone speaker and the images appear on the screen showing rhythmic signals that correspond to each sound.

HeartBuds is committed to bringing quality products and simple use to all homes that need it well to celebrate the arrival of a baby, monitor the heartbeat while training and exercising, or send a message of love and friendship with your heartbeat to your relatives, friends and loved ones.

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