The Heartbuds electronic device will allow patients exposed to CORONAVIRUS / COVID19 to be examined remotely


What is HeartBuds?

HeartBuds Is a electronic devices and dedicated application.

HeartBuds is a revolutionary electronic audio device will allow patients exposed to CORONAVIRUS / COVID19 to be examined remotely from their home through Telemedicine. Patients will be able to transmit heart and lung sound by helping healthcare professionals make diagnoses and treatment plans while avoiding unnecessary exposures.

HeartBuds is electronic device is compatible with iOS iPhone and Tablets devices so you enjoy sharing the sound of life

What is HeartBuds App?

The HeartBuds application is made exclusively for Apple iOS devices and provides amplifier sound.

HeartBuds App provides the ability to listen, display and record sounds simultaneously using an external microphone.

HeartBuds App allows you to send the recording by email, text message or upload it to social networks.

HeartBuds App keeps track of each recording of the heartbeat and allows you to save the images of your cardiogram.

How It HeartBuds Works?

HeartBuds lets you simultaneously listen to, display & record heart & lung sounds.

HeartBuds place gently in on your bare skin, about 4 finger down from your.left collarbone and 2 inches left of your sternum.

HeartBuds tap the record button on the bottom left.

HeartBuds when you are finished, tap the stop button on the bottom left, you can save the sound recording by pressing save in the lower corner of the screen.

With HeartBuds you will now be closer to your family and friends, sending your beats in a message of love and friendship. If you are celebrating Valentine's Day, or your pregnancy at a Baby Shower party, surprise everyone with the sound of life, the sound of the heart. And if it's training or health, use it in your daily training and health routine to control your heartbeat.


Simultaneously listen to, display & record heart & lung sounds. Take care of your health by monitoring your heartbeat and breathing simply and reliably


Keep control of your heartbeat while training, doing sports or running to keep fit to ensure your health.

Baby Shower

Celebrate life and give an excellent present to your pregnant friends. She will have to talk to all her friends.

Mother's Day

The best gift for Mother's Day. Surprise your partner with a gift of love and bring the sound of your child's heartbeat.


Communicate the sound of life sending and sharing the sound of your heartbeat with family and friends.
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